Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been drawing quite a bit this summer, working on tightening up my line work, and revamping my personal style. I have enjoyed the process a lot, and have seen quite a bit of improvement.

Yeah, I am one of the few guys that are man enough to admit that he has read the first three books of the Twilight series. I am currently reading the fourth. Anyway this is how I see Edward...a little stylized of course :)

Have you had the joy of playing Assassins Creed yet? If you have you might know this guy. Yeah he might look a little different, but hey, Altair has one of the coolest game character uniforms ever, so I had to draw it. 10 Min Sketch.

This is one of the main characters from the amazing comic series "Out There" penciled by Humberto Ramos. I love how crisp his line work is and that is what I have been practicing all summer to emulate. I pretty much drew this one right out of the comic book, just a little study. all the props go to Ramos for this one.

This is a fun little doodle of all my siblings that have moved to Alabama. I wanted to do something fun for my parents one day, so I started having fun with these guys. I thought they turned out well :)

That's all folks! Feel free to comment as you please! Thanks for the look.


Jared, Kelsey & Cole Galvin said...

Your Edward is a little more tough and less beautiful than I pictured him. His eyes should be the focus on his face.:) LOVE the family pic!

Chelsea Stebar said...

Why, Jesse, why??? Say no to Twilight. >.<

Anna B said...

i've never seen your stuff before!! i was puttering around and found your blog off of lauren's. WOW! you are so stinking great!