Sunday, December 6, 2009

Emulation round 2

This is my second attempt at emulating other professional artists. This first is from the man who was behind the art style of Lilo and Stitch, the talented Chris Sanders. I won't link this guy because a lot of what he draws is women in bikinis. HOWEVER, I found his style incredibly appealing and I was told I should give him a try by a few of my classmates, so I gave it a shot with the squirrel. Another artist that has influenced many throughout the years is CRMK (aka Bengus). He mainly did work for Capcom as one of their premiere artists for Street Fighter and Dark Stalkers. His stuff is fantastic but more hard to find than most. You can find his stuff easily in all the art of street fighter books...but you have to find them. Anyway, the girl is a fun rendition of my wife in her Street Fighter form. She has a robotic arm because she loves to pound things into oblivion...mainly my shoulder when I am giving her a hard time :) Enjoy!