Sunday, July 6, 2008

The sound of settling

Here are two quick sketches in my newly renovated style. I'll keep tweaking it to make it more mine, but as of now I am greatly enjoying myself

This sketch was just for fun, but the cheery guy on the right comes from listening to Death Cab for Cutie's "The Sound of Settling". It's a more upbeat song and just makes you want to move around and look cool like this guy. The guy on the left was an attempt to break away from the typical comic book hero stereotype (which if you have seen most of the guys I draw is a habit of mine.)

This was done per Chelsea "Agnes" Stebar's request that I draw two sibling animals doing whatever I want. My current desktop is of a I drew TWO of them! All of my siblings and I seemed to always fight over the last cookie, and that is precisely what these two are doing :) Yes, I will color these eventually...when I get a hold of a stylus.



Jared, Kelsey & Cole Galvin said...

Haha that is totally my favorite drawing of a hamster...ever! I think you personified Jake and Shelby there.

Brandon said...

DUDE! What be these drawings? Do they consist of what the technologically minded update? Great work, man.

Chelsea Stebar said...

Haha! I love the hamsters! They are most excellent, with their wide open angry mouths. Tee hee. And I also really like the super-happy guy. His glee is contagious.

Lauren said...

Babe, you're amazing. I don't think I even realize how amazing you are. You need to let me see your drawings more often, love. P.S. You still have a top secret mission to fulfill.