Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long time, lots o' art

Hey all,
I finally got back to the blog. I currently am studying at BYU trying to enter in the animation program this upcoming April. We have been required to keep a sketchbook of anything and everything. I have tried a few new styles in here, mainly inking the drawings after I draw them, and I have to admit, I really like them. Enjoy, I'll get some more in a bit.

This is Rufus, he was meant to be a character in a children's book about an elderly couples adventures on their jazzys. I dont think we'll ever finish it because the co-creator is no longer part of the family.

I thought of this idea on my own...In no way or form did I get the idea from an incredibly beautiful movie about a small army of spartan warriors based on a comic book by Frank Miller...nope all my idea :) Still not finished yet as you can see.

This page was just for fun...doesnt a jawa say "WOODEENEE!!" I dunno but thats what it sounds like.

More coming soon...well as soon as blogger lets me post more pics.

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