Friday, April 20, 2007

Gym Passes

I got these guys out of a credit card ad in a magazine. These were pictures from these peoples Gym passes. Perfect I said. .07 Lead still. March 07

Bald Britney

Our beloved Britney Spears. This one was fun. Its just a little sketch, but i tried to catch her appearance as much as possible. She made it easy on me and shaved her head for the picture. Still not as sharp as i want though. Mar 07

Big Pun

This guy was for fun, I tried to incorporate my newfound favorite style, but it was a little rough with Big Pun. I enjoyed doing this peace although there is something up with his arm. Feb 07


I really liked this one, this was kind of a breakthrough sketch for me. The shading finally started to come out the way that i like. I did this one with a .07 lead pencil and so it was hard to get the crisp lines. This one started how I draw now. Feb 07

Simple Face

I need to get a better scanner, but this is one that i did late January or early Feb. It is actually a small child but I decided to simplify as much as possible. I like this one though, just simple enough.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

3D Final

This was just finished today. I had a 3D animation essentials class this semester and this is my final project for it. I spent about 8 hours a week on it for the last 5 weeks. I still have alot to learn and alot to add on to this guy. I am thinking of one day animating him, but we'll see when that happens.
April 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007


The face at the top might be noticeable to sports goers. Hes Dan Dierdorf. He has a classic nose and an everyday hardened football player look, i liked this one.

The next one was a Dave Malan Study. He is an artist at Avalanche studios and you can find his blog here
I loved the facial expression on the guy. Dave drew his version with a .3 lead pencil and i drew mine with a .7. You can definitely tell the difference in talent and tightness if you can find his version. I love his style

Jack and Jodie

You can probably tell who this guy is, if not then...well its Jack Nicholson. I thought that this would be an excelent picture for a drawing. The glasses are a little messed up but all in all I like the face. Feb 2007

This was was after Jodie Foster. I didnt catch her face in this one so I decided to change it a bit. I was starting to get the whole shading thing a bit from this point. Feb 2007

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Old Dude

I was very pleased when I threw this one out. His hat can still use a little work, but all in all I like the old dude. I took him out of my photography text book. Jan 07

Mr. Van Dyke

This is Dick Van Dyke, a few months ago I was still developing my lines a little bit. with this one I made all of them dark. Not the prettiest thing I could have done, but I liked how it looked. Jan 07

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Few Faces

This is Zach braff of Scrubs and Garden State. I thought he had a very drawable face and wanted to do it. I liked out how it turned out but I think his nose is a bit small, yet again, a little sloppy on the lines.

Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors. This drawing is only about 3x3 so I really zoomed it in. I liked his facial expression and decided it would be fun to draw...and it would have if I had done it a bit bigger :)

Crazy Wife

My crazy wife! I decided to draw one of our many random pictures and I don't know why I liked this one. I drew this in January of 07. Back then I was still a little sloppy with my lines and I am still trying to tighten them up. Hopefully you'll see in the future how it is turning out.

First of many

This guy reminds me of a shick or gilette(sp?) commercial, just imagine him in the bathroom wiping deodorant all over himself. :) I drew this one back in January 2007.

New Art Blog

Here it is, my new art blog. Enjoy the stuff I put up here. Alot if not all of it is straight out of my sketchbook. I have been drawing all my life, but I am still learning. Tell me what you like, and what you hate. Help me be a better artist! :)